Interlocking ESD floor tiles


Tektiles interlocking ESD flooring

PAF Tektiles are used extensively for ESD flooring where a tough, durable and utterly reliable static control flooring solution is required. Tektile ESD is used widely for electronic assembly flooring, server room flooring, pharmaceutical flooring and control room flooring areas where guaranteed performance is critical. Tektile ESD floor tiles have the benefit of rapid installation and low maintenance and incorporate inox technology for guaranteed lifetime performance that is fully certified.

Fulfils recommendations in:
EN 61340.5.1-2007 for floors used for primary grounding.
EN 61340.5.1-2007 (Electrostatics – Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena – General requirements)
Electrical resistance:
DIN EN 1815 3 x 104 Ohm < Rs < 3 x 105 Ohm
DIN EN 1018 3 x 105 Ohm < Rg < 9 x 105 Ohm
Eg < 2000V = anti-static

The loose lay interlocking floor tiles can be swiftly laid over existing floors without messy adhesives.

ESD floor tiles are available in Tektile5 (5mm) and Tektile7 (7mm). Tektile ESD floor tiles provide good slip resistance and eliminate the expensive cost and business disruption associated with the long term maintenance of resin and other floors. ESD logo tiles and edge ramping are available.

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PAF Systems know a thing or two about ESD and anti static equipment and flooring…we have been designing manufacturing and supplying ESD equipment to the biggest names in the industry including our own ESD workstations and seating since 1972!


Tektile5 ESD - 5mm thick

Our slightly textured “smoothest” surface is a popular choice for ESD floor applications.